Chapter Five: Invisible Dancing Lobster

Screenshot-37Hey everyone, welcome back! Last time we left on a bit of a cliffhanger; let’s see what happens! Hi Lola, how’s life?

Lola: I’m pregnant, my hormones are raging, I’m too afraid to tell my boyfriend about it in case he leaves me, and no-one in the house knows how to cook so I’ve been living off of spoiled party food like this for days now! SO I’M GREAT! What’s that, Mr. Lobster? I should punch Purplehamsterz for asking stupid questions? GREAT IDEA!

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I’m Still Alive, I Promise

Okay, so I know I haven’t posted in forever. Honestly, I haven’t forgotten about the Zodies – in fact, I’ve got half of chapter five done on here already. I’ve just had the busiest couple of months ever!

Firstly, I had my mock exams, so I had loads of revision to do. I needed to do well in them, because I’ve started to apply to colleges and I need to get good grades to get into the ones I want – I’m hoping to study English literature, physics, mechanical maths and world history. Luckily they’re looking good so far, so that’s okay!

Secondly, I found out that I’ve got a pretty serious kidney disorder, so I’ve been herded around loads of different hospitals for scans and tests and samples and all sorts of yucky stuff. I’ll be having surgery soon (for the first ever time – I’m weirdly excited actually) and I’ll probably need a little while off school to recover, so I hope to do a fair bit of simming then. It’s not always painful, but when it is, it’s bad, so I’m all dosed up on painkillers. Such fun!

On top of all of that, my school was messing me about with whether or not I was going to do my English exams early (I didn’t have to, which they only told me after I spent two months learning the whole syllabus – thanks guys!) Then, I had to redo all of my drama exams because my old teacher hadn’t done them properly; they couldn’t be graded. Not to mention, I’m the head girl at school as well as a prefect, so they’ve constantly got me in to give speeches and open events…. my life has recently been a big ball of busyness.

Anyway, I thought I’d take a second out to let you know that The Zodie Legacy will hopefully back soon. As I’m sure Lola would say, the show must go on after all!

Now, I really ought to start on that literature essay… *grumble*

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Chapter Four: Look, I Made a Salad

Screenshot-193Hi everyone and welcome back! Last time, Lola had just confessed to Gustav that she liked him, and we left with them sucking each other’s faces. As they’re now boyfriend and girlfriend, Gustav has moved in, bringing with him enough money to build a proper little house. It’s not much and it’s lacking in luxuries and decor, but it’s enough for now.

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Chapter Three: History of Wrong Guys

Screenshot-140Charlie: Oh my god! Visitors! I love visitors! Hey! Hey guys! Oh my god! Hey! *Tail breaks of from wagging at speed of light*

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Chapter Two: Land Of Lola


Lola: So, Rick, what sort of style are you looking for?

Rick: Something that makes me look classy; handsome.

Lola: …..what about a new face?

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Chapter One: The Zodie Legacy

Screenshot-50Lola: Ever heard the one about the sex-obsessed camel? He loved to hump. Continue reading

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So. Guys.

I’m going on hiatus, which I’m pretty sure many of you have already realised due to the fact that I haven’t posted in forever. Due to exams and other┬ácommitments, my blog writing has all but ground to a halt. I’ve been playing the sims in short bursts, but finding time to take loads of pictures and come up with all the captions, (as well as revise for various tests, assessments and coursework) has been pretty hard.

I’m sure I’ll make more posts in the future, so this is by no means a ‘goodbye’ – more of a ‘see you later’! I’ll try and post whenever I’m in-between exam periods, but it’s all pretty hectic at the moment. Hopefully, things will slow down a while before/after the summer entries and I’ll get a bit of face time with wordpress!

Until then, happy simming!


(P.S – is University any good? It better be! Comment with your opinions on it!)

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